Langza – The Fossil Village of Spiti

Millions of years ago, Spiti Valley as we know it today, did not exist on earth. Instead, it was submerged in a body of water now known as Tethys Sea, located between the ancient continents of Gondwana and Laurasia (before the opening of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans).

Today, Spiti Valley exists on the opposite end of the spectrum, being one of the highest valleys in the world. Remnants of the prehistoric era are found in one small area of the valley. Langza.

Langza is a small village situated in near Kaza, the district headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti. Nestled between a bowl-shaped area in the mountains, Langza is home to a modest population of Tibetan Buddhists and is one of the highest villages in the world. The village is frozen throughout winter and work is minimal

A thousand-year-old statue of the Buddha can be seen when entering the village, and an ancient monastery adjacent to the village. The primary reason tourists and archaeologists flock to this village, however, are the millions of years old fossils found in the mountains surrounding the village.

These fossils are called Cephalopod, and are marine fossils that tell the story of the prehistoric era of the Tethys Sea.

The village itself is quite scenic as it is surrounded by green fields, snow-capped mountains and barren mountains. The people of Langza cultivate rice and potatoes and live a simple life.


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